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Hydro Glow LED Dock Master Dock Mounted Fishing Light features an adjustable 4-foot long light beam with 2 rows of 146 high-output green LEDs for maximum light output up to 70,000 hours. The low-profile design and included mounting brackets allow this above water model to snap into place anywhere on the dock to illuminate a broad area.

The 40-watt, energy-efficient beam includes a 20-foot power cord and a 1120VAC to 24VDC convertor that provides safe low voltage power to the light. Recommended light placement is about 8-feet apart to the underside of docks for illumination and attracting baitfish. 1-year warranty.


The department of Natural Resources trusts Hydroglow with its fishing piers and natural areas. Here are a few that feature Hydroglow lights:


Visit the Clarksville Bridge


Paradise Public Fishing Area


$280.00 Regular Price
$224.00Sale Price
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